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Orange Cobra Chastity Cage - Nub

Orange Cobra Chastity Cage - Nub

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The Orange Cobra Chastity Cage range is a recolouring of the popular Cobra Chastity Cage. Featuring the exact cage design and high sheen finish that we all love, this vibrant orange chastity cage is a must have for men that love the colour! The cage is well ventilated, with an opening at the tip to prevent the wearer from needing to uncage just to use the bathroom.

The following items are included with your Orange Cobra Chastity Cage purchase:

  • A nub sized Cobra cage in orange

  • Four matching base rings of different shapes and sizes, allowing you to find the perfect fit without having to pay extra
  • A pair of keys and internal locks, the best choice for making sure that the wearer is securely locked and stays that way

Discover the magic of the Orange Cobra Chastity Cage, the perfect finishing touch for an obedient man.

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