Collection: Pink Cobra Cages

People wear cobra chastity cages for a number of kinky reasons. Some like the feeling of being totally at the mercy of their keyholder. Others seek the powerful release that comes after days or weeks of abstinence. But for many, cock cages are all about being humiliated, emasculated and treated like a pathetic little sissy. 

Enter the Pink Cobra Cage, the ultimate chastity device for naughty little boys who look oh-so-pretty in pink! We have Pink Cobra Cages in a huge range of designs and sizes to fit every sissy’s member, all constructed with the highest quality materials and craftsmanship.

Our Pink Cobra cages can be worn 24/7 to ensure absolute chastity, incorporated into BDSM play and also look fabulous when paired with a hot pink leash. Each Pink Cobra Cage comes with a secure locking system and multiple keys so there is no chance of escape until your keyholder deems you worthy!