Cobra Chastity Cages

Chastity devices have teased, titillated and tortured for centuries. But while the days of locking maiden’s virtues away may be over, the days of locking up naughty boys are very much here! 

Chastity cages, or cock cages as they are also known, are devilish devices that are secured over the penis. This prevents the wearer from being able to touch themselves or have sex without being released by their keyholder.

Chastity cages are very popular in BDSM relationships and are perfect for punishment, anticipation and ultimate submission.

Cobra Chastity Australia is your one-stop shop for cobra chastity cages, cobra cock cages, tightening belts and accessories. We have metal, silicone and resin cobra cages in a variety of colours, materials and designs, and with different sizes to fit everyone.

All Cobra chastity cages are made with body-safe materials so you can be confident that your time spent in penis prison won’t cause any harm. They have secure locking systems and multiple keys and some cages can be further adjusted for a snug fit.

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