Collection: Replacement Keys

There is no more important part of a chastity cage than the key. While it can be fun to tease your sub with eternal imprisonment, a key should always be on hand at all times and it is crucial that wearers and their keyholders have spares at all times. 

Our replacement keys can ensure that there are never any dangerous situations where you can’t get the cage off. Not only that, they will guarantee that you never have to have a potentially embarrassing conversation with a doctor or locksmith!  

Our replacement keys are suitable for all of the internal-locking Cobra Cages on our site and can also be used with popular brands like the Holy Trainer V4. 

It is always worth having more keys than you think you will need. You can keep one on your person at all times, another next to the bed and another on your house or car keys (you can tell your friends that it’s for your bike lock!)