Collection: Black Cobra Cages

Everything looks better in black, especially when it comes to BDSM gear. Chastity cages are the quintessential BDSM devices so what could be more stylish than locking your subs cock in a sleek Black Cobra Chastity Cage?

All our Black Cobra Chastity Cages are made from the highest quality materials and to the best design specs so they not only look great (especially when matched with a black leather hood or leash!) but they are ultra-comfortable and extremely durable. They are also 100% body safe so you don’t need to worry about any allergies or other reactions when wearing your black chastity cage.

Our Cobra Chastity Cages come in a range of designs and models from simple cages to more high-tech penis prisons so whatever level of torture, teasing and titillation you are looking to inflict, we have you covered!

As the old saying goes, “Once you go black, you never go back!”