Collection: Cobra Cages

Cobra cock cages, also known as cobra chastity cages in polite society, are as important to the world of BDSM as gimp masks and handcuffs. These devices are worn over the male member and then locked securely so there is no way in and no way out.

Cobra chastity cages can be used for a whole menu of naughty delights. They can ensure that the wearer doesn’t get up to any mischief, keeping them prime and ready to pleasure their keyholder. They can be used to punish a disobedient sub who needs reminding that their master or mistress is in charge. And, they can be worn as a mark of ownership, an acknowledgement that the keyholder has sole power over the wearer who is their humble, sexual slave.

At Cobra Chastity Cages, we provide chastity cages and accessories to facilitate every kinky desire. We have cock cages in a range of designs, materials, colours and sizes, so whatever your needs or dirty deeds, we have you covered.