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Why settle for just one chastity cage when you can have many?! Our special Cobra Sets include cobra chastity cages in multiple sizes in the range to ensure that no cock goes unlocked.

There are a number of benefits to having multiple cock cages to choose from. First of all, you are guaranteed to find a cage that fits you like a glove (a one-fingered glove, that is!). Second, you can use different chastity cages for different situations. For instance, some people like to use a slightly less restrictive cage for everyday chastity wear. Then, when it comes down to the real rough stuff, they switch it up for a tighter, more restrictive cock cage.

Cobra sets are also ideal if you are lucky enough to be the keyholder for multiple subs. What could be better than to kit your subs out in matching cock cages to truly brand them as your property?