Collection: Coloured Cobra Cages

Variety is the spice of life and there is no better way to jazz up your naughty bits than with a colourful cock cage. While traditional chastity devices came in a choice of metal grey or slightly shinier metal grey, our Coloured Cobra Cages present all the colours of the randy rainbow!

Coloured Cobra Cages are first and foremost, secure and sexy chastity devices. They are perfect for BDSM play, master-sub dominance and pleasuring and punishing your sex slave. Our coloured chastity cages can be worn 24/7 safely and comfortably and feature holes in the tip for fluid release. 

Coloured Cobra Cages are also the perfect accessories to match any fashion style. Looking for a chastity cage to match your hot pink chaps? We’ve got it! Need something black and sleek for a steamy bondage session? No problem!

Browse our full selection of Coloured Cobra Cages and choose your favourite today.