Collection: Metal Cobra Cages

Cobra chastity cages come in a range of materials but there is nothing as hardcore as a Metal Cobra Cage! The cold, unforgiving rigidity of a stainless steel cock cage makes the perfect penis prison where you will have no choice but to submit to your jailer.

Metal Cobra Cages have a number of fantastic benefits that put them top of the list for many chastity aficionados. Metal cock cages have a classic BDSM look and feel that is ideal for torture, teasing and todger tormenting. 

Stainless steel is completely non-reactive, body-safe and super easy to clean, so it is the perfect material for long-term chastity use. 

Metal Cobra Cages are also seriously durable so no matter how much punishment is dished out, your sub will stay securely locked up for years to come.

We have Metal Cobra Cages in a range of sizes and designs to suit all your cock-locking needs.