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There is no better way to give up control of your body and sexuality to your dom than with a Cobra Cage. By entering a chastity contract, you are agreeing that your master or mistress now has full say over when (or if!) your manhood is allowed out for gratification.

But how can the keyholder ensure that everyone knows the wearer belongs to them? Enter our range of Plastic Tags, the perfect way to identify your sub and stop any other doms from claiming him. These Plastic Tags are used instead of a lock and label the Cobra Cage wearer with the keyholder’s ID number. Once secured, the Plastic Tags are just as strong as a metal lock so the wearer will still be totally at their master’s or mistress’s mercy.

Our Plastic Tags are compatible with all the Cobra Cages (except the hex lock cages) on our site and the majority of other brand cages.