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Cobra Chastity

Black Adder Chastity Cage - Standard

Black Adder Chastity Cage - Standard

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The Black Adder Chastity Cage is a cage that will stand out for people that love the look of a semi-revealing cage. The Adder features a unique design that distinguishes itself from the Cobra while retaining the high sheen finish that we all love. The circular cutouts provide ventilation and a good view of the wearer's locked up cock, with a larger hole at the tip allowing you to use the bathroom while caged.

The following items are included with your Black Cobra Chastity Cage purchase:

  • A standard sized Adder cage in black

  • Four matching base rings of different shapes and sizes, allowing you to find the perfect fit without having to pay extra
  • A pair of keys and internal locks, the best choice for making sure that the wearer is securely locked and stays that way

Expand your Cobra collection with the Black Adder Chastity Cage, every peek will bring more satisfaction than the last.

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